M & F Love

The coitus (Sexual Intercourse) is altogether pleasing activity than all other practices in the universe. So, everybody should have awareness about the charming manners of performance. Here, I suggest modus operandi of the splendid sexual intercourse. Absolutely, this will be very much effective for the couples for their enjoyable and successful sex lives.

Keep in the view that cleanliness is actual beauty. Partners should be more conscious about this. Their mouths, hair and bodies should be aromatic. Both partners may brush the teeth, take a bath, use nice perfumes, eat cardamom and aniseed or take any fine chewing gum.

Sexual arousal may occur suddenly as response of sexual attraction, or gradually after looking, touching, stroking, kissing and other foreplay activities. During sexual arousal, the man normally has an erection and woman’s vagina may become moist. Other physiological changes may occur, including flushing of the face and neck, the swelling and moistening of the mouth and erection of nipples in both partners.

The foreplay enhances sexual enjoyment. Foreplay means, activities that take place before penetration. The early stages of sexual activity may take place in any position, but by later stages, the couple would take usually the position in which penetration will occur. Foreplay varies very gradual and gentle to rapid and forceful.

It is significant that sexual partners should sensually undress each other. This act is wonderful which enhance the sexual appetite.

The man may smell, kiss, lick, suck, bite and explore the parts of the female partner’s body with the tongue and lips. This often occurs in sequence of contact with different parts of the body: hands, arms and armpits, lips, tongue, eyes, nose, forehead, ears, cheek, chin, neck, breasts, nipples, abdomen, feet, shin, thighs and buttocks. The woman should also lick and bite the breasts, lower abs and inner thighs of the man.

Manipulation of the partner’s genitals is of great importance. Pressing and rubbing the genitals against the partner’s genitals helps to prepare the genitals for penetration.

Couple may adopt any position that allows sexual intercourse to take place. The penis might be inserted gradually; just the tip at first, then progressively more of the penis is inserted in a series of small forward movements and half retreats. This spreads the vaginal lubricants over the penis, and enables the vagina to accommodate it easily.

During the sexual intercourse the man’s penis moves repeatedly in the woman’s vagina and out again. This is done by rhythmic hips movements, so the genital areas move apart and then together again. Both of the partners may move their hips, or one of them may move while the other stays still. Sometimes the range of movement is small, so the penis stays within the vagina for long duration. Sometimes large strokes, so the penis leaves the vagina completely, and then is thrust back deep inside it, hence more enjoyable.

In the intercourse, couple may use many kinds of movements; large and small, gentle and forceful, fast and slow. Either or both partners may take the initiative, and changes of movement may be gradual or unexpected fast. The couple may also choose to stop and then begin again several times. At the same time, they usually continue many of the actions of lovemaking that preceded intercourse: kissing, fondling and other activities. After the orgasms and ejaculation the couple may go to the completion with kisses and caresses.